Wednesday, November 08, 2006

so much to blog about ....

so little time!

a lot of good stuff happening irl:

i had so much fun cavorting with my pals sara and cate, who were in town for a conference this weekend. i wish they lived closer, sigh. the are both an inspiration to me. (cate's fans should check out this homage.)

i finished julie's sweater, zipper and all -- pix to follow soon. this is my first grown-up sweater and has been in the making for many years, so i'm pretty pleased with myself!

but of course, the biggest and best news is that christianist-fascist rick santorum no longer purports to represent me in the united states senate (woo-hoo!!), and that the republicans no longer control the house (as i write, control of the senate is still up in the air, and may be for some time). this is indeed good, good news.

two things i want to blog about soon:

faith, fate and adoption
race, poverty and white anti-racism work

remember when i said i wasn't going to write about big ideas anymore? yeah.


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