Friday, January 13, 2006

run, don't walk

to the store for coconut milk and curry paste, squash, cabbage and potatoes, (if these aren't staples in your house), so you can try out this yummy recipe courtesy of (the currently hibernating, hopefully soon to reemerge) boomerific. we had it for dinner tonight, and it was oh so delish. i used red curry paste, and was a little heavy handed, which meant that julie was in heaven, it was just on the verge of (but not quite) too hot for me, and i made a box of annie's macs and cheese (organic, whole wheat, of course) for micah. trixie was at a birthday party for dinner, but it probably would have been a little spicy for her too. so be careful with the curry. and enjoy!

edited to say: i added some chickpeas for protein, and it was great. i'm a bit of a protein hound.


At January 17, 2006 12:51 PM, Blogger sster said...

I somehow missed this post in my travels...thanks for the props! We have some kind of curry every Monday night. You can really do anything with a can of coconut milk, curry paste, and whatever veggies are on hand. Oh! And we're using brown rice all the time now, which is good too.


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