Friday, January 13, 2006

midwinter blues update

1. do get the house under control. and keep it relatively under control. the mess just makes me want to crawl out of my skin. check -- it's not clean by anyone's standards, but it's livable.
2. do get out of the house. every single day. preferably somewhere micah can run and play. close -- monday we went to the zoo with the two of my favorite lovelies, jo and sophia; tuesday we went for a jog; wednesday we didn't get out (it was raining and i was waiting for the washing machine repair guy), but we did have a play date with my friend liz and her four year old daughter recently adopted from sierra leone; thursday we went to the zoo in the morning with rachel and her son, who is Micah's age, and after school we went ice skating with pat and her kids; and today we went to the library.
3. don't let getting the house under control become an excuse for not doing #2. check.
4. do get together with friends several times a week. pick up the phone and call! check (see #2 above).
5. do start running again. at least three times a week, even if you have to do it with micah in the jogging stroller (ugh! he's just so freakin' big these days!). so far, i've run twice, once with micah, once without. and i still have a couple of days to get another run in! (and oh lordy, am i out of shape! but it felt gooooooddddd.)
6. do put together a training schedule for running the broad street run in may. even though i haven't run in a couple of months, there's plenty of time to work up to 10 miles. haven't done this yet, but this is the sort of thing i love doing (charts and schedules and such), and there's still plenty of time.
7. do finish julie's sweater i've been working on for 4? 5? years. by the end of january seems a reasonable goal. cate, i just don't know how you find time not only to knit, but to write about knitting.... but aren't you happy that i'm at least blogging? and of course, it's not yet the end of january... hope springs eternal!
8. ditto trixie's poncho. oops. (see #7.)
9. do eat more fruits and veggies. better, not enough, but better.
10. don't throw the baby out with the bathwater if i fall down on anything on this list. check (see # 6, 7, and 8).

the fact that it's been a balmy 55 to 60 degrees this week has surely helped a lot in the lifting of my funk, along with the fact that it was still light the other day at 5:00 p.m. (!), but i'm going to take a little credit too. so far so good.


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