Thursday, May 11, 2006

girls night in

julie's out tonight -- thursday is choir rehearsal night (she's the music director at church), and tonight she's also chaperoning the prom (!) (she's a high school english teacher). micah was toast by about 7:00, as he's been giving up his naps, so it was an early night for him. so trixie and i cleaned the kitchen and then made popcorn (organic, still on the cob, from my dad's farm in indiana) and watched the first half of little women. i read the book to her last fall/winter (i think we were interrupted when we finally got our hands on the 6th harry potter -- we're snobs, and order the british version from the u.k.), and we both really loved it. at first i didn't -- the first few chapters are fairly trite, with a pat moral lesson clearly spelled out (by marmee, of course) at the end. but the story gets much more thoughtful, and the moral dilemmas and lessons much more complicated. i love that the girls are always struggling against their evil twins, and not always winning -- i think that's what trixie identifies with. i also love the clear message, on the one hand, that girls should not be restricted to the domestic realm, and the equally clear message, on the other hand, that the domestic realm is of high value and worth choosing. rings true for me, on both counts!

anyway, my tender-hearted trixie had to turn off the movie tonight when beth was about to get sick -- she was almost in tears, and made me promise we could skip past the sad parts when we finish. she also reminded me that thursday is her night to sleep with me, and since i'm still sleeping on the nasty old futon in the play room (with plastic under the sheets in case micah has an accident at night -- which has not happened in 4 or 5 nights, knock wood!), she's now sacked out on a pile of throw pillows next to the nasty old futon, in a sleeping bag.

sweet sweet sweet. have i mentioned? it's a good life.


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