Monday, May 15, 2006

on the needles -- a sweater for micah!

i've never knit anything for poor micah. well, that's not true -- i started something in size 2t when he was about 18 months (and still on the small side), but never finished it (not a lot of knitting was going on in those days....). it's still on the needles. i may try to finish it for my little cousin in amsterdam who will turn one this summer (we'll see....) other than that unfinished project, i've really never had a chance to knit anything for micah -- before he came home, i had no idea what sweater size would be right for what season, and after he arrived, well, i haven't mastered the skill of knitting while constantly holding and nursing a baby (cate did it, with twins to boot! but she's a fiber artist extraordinaire, a goddess really, and totally totally out of my league. you really should check out some of the beautiful things she knits on her site.)

so finally, i'm working on a sweater for micah, and i'm really happy with it. it's a double breasted, shawl-collared sweater in seed stitch. i'm doing it in a bulky wool/mohair blend which is really lovely. this color will look totally divine on him. i've always wanted to do something in seed stitch, but was really intimidated by it. i actually have a below-the-knees coat i want to do for myself in seed stitch, and i'm thinking it won't be as completely overwhelming as i feared. i'm realizing that if i knit in the "continental" fashion, seed stitch would be a lot easier, without all that effort of throwing the yarn back and forth every stitch ... but i tried it at my church knitting group -- one of my friends there knits that way, and it looks so simple. but when i tried to do it i was just all thumbs, and decided my inefficient american style is probably more efficient for me in the long run! hey, i'm enjoying it, and actually finding ways to work in a few rows here and there in a way i was not with those old, tired projects (see below...) that had come to feel like chores.

by the way, i don't know why i can't make blogger insert pix into my posts -- i know how to do it, but it's not working. so i'm using picassa, which only lets me put one pix into each post (as far as i can tell. i'm pretty backward when it comes to this stuff.) anyway, forgive the multiple posts.

next up, micah's birthday cake! Posted by Picasa


At May 17, 2006 12:12 AM, Anonymous mamacate said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that the sum total of my knitting during Henry & Eleanor's first two years was exactly 2 socks. There was little to no knitting during that time. And then I shoe-horned the time and physical space to do it once they were on the move. So seriously, just desperate for a creative outlet, that's about it. Great color--great knitting!


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