Monday, February 13, 2006

when the injustice in the blogosphere starts getting you down....

and you find yourself consumed with anger and the need to vent -- especially if that anger and need to vent takes the form of mean spirited snarkiness -- may i suggest you have too much time on your hands?

how about logging off your computer for a few and getting out of your head? here's a handy list of things you might try, if you're having trouble coming up with your own:

1. take your dog for a walk.
2. play outside with your kid(s).
3. call an old friend or family member you're feeling guilty about being out of touch with.
4. write a letter to the same (the old fashioned kind, that requires a stamp. they're now 39 cents).
5. if you have one, get involved in your place of worship.
6. if you're a person of faith but don't have a place of worship, visit one this weekend.
7. go for a run.
8. or a walk if you don't run.
9. bake bread.
10. okay, bake some chocolate chip cookies.
11. read the collected works of martin luther king.
12. or dorothy day.
13. or read people magazine.
14. or entertainment weekly. in fact, read it weekly.
15. become a big brother or big sister.
16. have sex with your partner, whether you feel like it or not.
17. wear lipstick, even if you never do.
18. put on prince really loud and dance with your kids.
19. read a memoir or novel completely out of your realm of experience and/or comfort zone.
20. begin a spiritual discipline such as prayer, meditation, or yoga.
21. have sex with your partner again, whether you feel like it or not.
22. sign up to do a hunger walk.
23. observe lent, if you're christian, and make sure to deep-fry really greasy, sugary donuts on mardi-gras.
24. tithe.
25. watch reruns of cagney and lacey.
26. join a coalition around an issue you care about. commit some serious time to it.
27. start planning your garden; order seeds.
28. join a community garden if you don't have one already.
29. invite someone over for dinner.
30. learn how to knit.
31. or how to brew beer.
32. invite a friend out for a beer at a neighborhood pub.
33. volunteer at your local public school.
34. or your local homeless shelter.
35. read harry potter to your kids, or to yourself if they're not old enough.
36. read a classic.
37. read a trashy mystery.
38. join a book group.
39. have coffee with a friend.
40. if you don't have a friend, make one. see above, #s 5, 6, 15, 22, 26, 28, 33, 34, 38.


At February 13, 2006 9:23 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Great post. I also think that finding a friend who exist corporeally would help with the venting. Somehow I don't think people would be upset if this venting went on between a couple of women over coffee. That to me seems reasonable.

Just found you from Jo. Liking what I...will try and drop back in.

At February 14, 2006 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow - great list. Wish we lived closer for some of the in-person possibilities. --Sara

At February 14, 2006 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!

At February 14, 2006 10:16 PM, Blogger Jo said...

Why don't I see "make and eat bowl of chocolate frosting" on your list?

All right, all right. I'll knit.

At February 14, 2006 10:56 PM, Blogger afrindiemum said...

#32 - would you like to go have a beer at my local pub? oh, yeah, you're on the other coast. dang it.

At February 15, 2006 11:02 AM, Anonymous katherine said...

hear hear! and it's great to hear from you again!! hope this means your server is back up and running.

At February 27, 2006 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you try some of this? and let people say what they want to say?

At February 27, 2006 7:08 AM, Blogger mamamarta said...

anon, who are you? and what on earth do you mean?


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